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Carol Tuttle - Master Energy Therapist, Author, Spiritual Teacher

Carol's book was the first I read about conscious living and energy work. It is wonderful, and she has created a whole line of CDs and courses that are so helpful in learning this new way of thinking--of creating the life you desire. If you are serious about making a change, it would serve you well to check her out.

I create joy This site has a great little movie about having a joyful life. It's a great pick me up!

Not so much into reading?

That's just fine. I've found another amazing resource that can help you get to the core of your money issues...and solve them. Click on the link below for more information on some awesome audios.


create reality

This is one of the first books I read about creating your own reality. It's an ebook by Christopher Westra that you you can download start reading right away. I always love instant gratification. =) He has a very defined plan with easy steps to start seeing improvement in your life right away.

This is a fascinating book on time and space. It's helped me to understand the workings of the universe much better. Have you ever wondered what people are talking about when they say there is no time? Learn about it here.

Centerpointe Synchronization

Centerpointe has some great cd's that help to calm your mind down and get it into the creation mode. They have a free sample CD that is excellent to listen to. Just follow the link below to have yours on it's way.

Great Book on Superfoods

Free ebook ...

Here is another book by Chris Westra--I love his stuff! You can download it right here. If finances are an issue in your life at this time, you may also want to get this book on increasing your income from home. Simply "Right Click", choose "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As")and then save to your desktop. Then go back to your desktop, open the book, and start reading right now!

free book


Powernap is awesome. These inexpensive cd's take only a few minutes and really relax you fast. Everyone should have a PowerNap CD. They remind me of that old commercial about Calgon Bubble Bath--"Calgon, take me away!" I try to do a powernap daily, especially when the kids are about to get home from school and it's going to get a little crazy.


Imprint 24/7 has decals with messages you'd like to focus on that you can stick right on your body. They also have some fun t-shirts and other things.


Love my Vitamixer! I first learned about them when I read Chris's book on raw foods. It's like a super-powered blender than can turn anything into a smoothie. It's been a great way to add in more nutritious foods to the family's diet.

professional dreamer

Ghalil is one of the first people I discovered on my journey. I absolutely LOVE her book, Professional Dreamer. It is a must have in your collection of books that focus on Creating Consciously. Ghalil shares her amazing story and how she came to understand the creation principles. She has transformed them into 6 easy steps. The book is fabulous, and she has gives webinars so you can hear her and perhaps even ask her your own questions. Have fun!

Emotional Freedom Technique

Simply EFT is a simple, easy technique for calming down stress and keeping your mind focused on what you want. This is the link to the founder's website, and it includes a link for a free manual on EFT. You'll want to have a copy of that. There are also many great EFT facilitators--my favorite is Randy Jensen, at A Place of Healing.

One of our best resources that people naturally use to refresh or recharge themselves is to take a vacation--just a little get away for a change of pace and chance to relax. Rick Jensen has created a great resource to help you do just that--and inexpensively as well. One of the ways to be more abundant is to not have to spend as much in the first place. Rick's got some great ideas-- Click here for more details.

In this journey of discovery, it's been amazing how many ideas have actually been around for quite some time. I guess when a student is ready, the teacher appears. I've really enjoyed the works of Wallace D. Wattles--a man who lived at the beginning of this century. To learn more about the works of this enlightened man, just follow this link.


Mangosteen has been a real blessing in my life, and has helped me overcome numerous health issues. Now I drink it simply because it keeps me healthy--and I really don't like being sick!








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