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Rapid Eye Technology

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is an alternative healing process which provides for ocular assisted release and is characterized rapid eye instituteby systematic movement of eyes and eyelids, rapid verbal communication, and special imageries that effect a release of stressful emotions on many levels of human experience.

Huh? Let me put it this way--RET simulates the same releasing process we go through each night, known as the REM state (Rapid Eye Movement). While scientists do not fully understand why we dream and release each night, they do know one thing--if we don't do it, we die. It's THAT important.

So Rapid Eye Technology simulates this release, but often more effectively, because we can remain conscious during the process (rather than sleeping). It is AWESOME! It is THE MOST effective emotional and energy release technique I have come across, and I recently received my training in this modality. Wow--even if you never wanted to become an Rapid Eye Tech and assist others, I highly recommend you go through the training, simply for your own emotional benefits. Everyone should experience it. You can learn more at the Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon. Or visit our own site: Rapid Eye

So, what are these sessions like, anyway? Read below to find out.

It provides education (Life Skills) based upon simple principles for successfully managing and understanding life. RET encourages people toward their awareness of being self-empowered, fully functional, loving, caring individuals who are connected to and exhibiting their highest potential.

The vision of RET is entirely consistent with these requirements:

  • RET is considered a spiritual therapy. It is a remembering process in which the client is regarded as whole and healed and coming to awareness of who they are.

  • RET uses a systematic teaching model to facilitate the process of self-realization or self-discovery, rather than an illness or treatment model. In all healing modalities it is the client who heals themselves.

For you, Rapid Eye Technology (RET) can eliminate stress, be it...

  • Phobias
  • Fears
  • Shame
  • Co-dependency
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Abuse
  • Depression

The list goes on...

The Twelve Session Program

The twelve session program is designed to work with a person from pre-verbal issues around birth through the present moment. How many sessions you need will depend upon your unique experience of life. If you perceive very little trauma in your life, you may only need a few sessions on general issues. If you have perceived serious trauma, you may require more sessions to release the emotional stress and patterning.

At the time of birth, you may have concluded that you were broken or defective in some way. You realized that you could not communicate effectively. Your little body would not move the way you wished for it to move. You could not even take care of your basic needs. You may have also felt separated from Mom and from everyone else. You may have developed the belief that you needed someone or something outside yourself to survive or that in some way you were not good enough. There are many beliefs that can stem from the birthing experience.

Over time the negative emotions may have been reinforced by your reaction to events around you such as a parent's angry look, a doctor's comment during an examination, or a low grade on a difficult subject in school. You may have developed patterns of behavior to survive what you perceived to be a dangerous or hostile world.

During the first several sessions, you can release the emotional stress around these kinds of issues. The rest of your sessions help you identify your sponsoring beliefs that continue to form the uncomfortable patterns in your life. A pattern is simply the way you have dealt with situations in order to survive. Some patterns have served you well. You can tie your shoe and brush your teeth. These are patterns. You now have the opportunity to deal with the patterns that are uncomfortable or not working well for you. In twelve sessions of Rapid Eye Technology, you can release the emotional stress that may be connected with any non-effective patterns.

Stress release is one of two components of Rapid Eye Technology. The other component is the life skills. Life skills are the cognitive part of the technology. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten from life. Thinking and behaving in the same way as you have thought in the past will produce the same results in the future. The life skills allow you to create your life from a new perspective. As you experience the twelve sessions, you will also be working in a life skills workbook. The workbook describes general principles and provides self-exploration opportunities. You can find new ways to look at your life.

With the emotional stresses released and some new ways of looking at life, you can then consciously create effective patterns. You can have everything you choose from life.

Life Skills

Basic to RET therapy are seven principles that govern experience. The Self Discovery Process is a two-part therapy with the cleansing of old programming (with RET) providing half; the other half of the therapy (Life Skills) is the learning of another way of experiencing life. It is an opportunity to reframe and restructure old negative, unsuccessful habits and belief systems into more positive, successful ones. The principles are:

The Principle of Thought: we create our reality with our thoughts. Thought is completely free and we can think anything we want to think at any time. Thought is boundless by time and space. It is the primary mover of all creation.

The Principle of Perception: since our thoughts create our reality, our perception is how we sense that reality. Our perception is always effected by our experiential filters. Our perception is what causes us to live in the past: Perception allows things to be neither right nor wrong. One person's perception is as appropriate for him or her as mine is for me.

The Principle of Choice and Accountability: we can choose anything we wish. When we become disenchanted with one choice, we can simply choose again. It is when we decide that we find ourselves in trouble. With choice come the principles of commitment and forgiveness, as opposed to deciding and defending.

The Principle of Cause and Effect: that which we think will create (go out from us) and return again to us multiplied .


Centerpointe Synchronization

Centerpointe has some great cd's that help to calm your mind down and get it into the creation mode. They have a free sample CD that is excellent to listen to. Just follow the link below to have yours on it's way.


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