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If the Mind is the Source of all Creating, Can One Remove Illness from the Body with the Power of the Mind?

Yes.  In fact, Deepak Chopra has written extensively about this very thing.  But let me explain to you why this works.  I'll have to draw on the concepts from Reiki and Quantum Touch for this, but basically, it's about the energy field of the body.  When we relax, we let the energy flow through us gently, without blockages.  Much of our healing occurs at night as we sleep--when we let the energy flow through us.  Energy that is flowing is at a higher vibration.  Whenever there is disease or injury, the energy isn't flowing well. 
You can actually control this flow of energy.  Take a moment and think about your hands.  Imagine a light, tingly feeling in your palms and fingers.  Imagine a warmth, an energy.  After a few seconds, you'll notice you can actually FEEL this as well--depending on how sensitive you are to energy.  With Reiki or Quantum Touch, the practioner often utilizes a special breathing technique that increases the vibration of his energy.  With hands near or on another person, the practioner can "entrain" the lower vibration energy of the patient to the practitioner's higher one, and thereby facilitate the healing process.  See my Energy Work page for a video about this--it's really quite fascinating.
On your own, you can also work to get this energy flowing by taking time to relax and meditate--and by meditate, I essentially mean, quieting your mind, quieting the chatter.  You can lie on your bed, warm and relaxed, and imagine healing energy entering in to your body through your feet.  You'll probably notice sensation in your feet when you do this.  Energy follows thought--and we can direct energy with our thoughts.  I know, it all sounds pretty amazing--I was very amazed when I first began to experience it.  Continue to relax, and imagine the energy moving up into your knees, legs, stomach--all the way to the top of your head.  Breathe it in with each breath.  When I do this, I almost always use a CD like Powernap or Holosync to help me relax.  These CDs help the energy to flow anyway, because they help you be in a relaxed, alpha state in your mind.
Also, a lot of health issues and diseases are rooted in emotional issues.  Take some time to ask to know the cause, ask what you could help resolve in your life.  Sometimes ill health is simply your body getting your attention.
I recently had a friend send me information about this book that may be helpful to you.
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