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A Simple Breathing Meditation

Breath Control

There are many forms and methods of meditation.  Various forms of breath meditation have been around for thousands of years and practiced by many different cultures.  Breath meditation however, is more than just sitting and breathing in regular fashion, it requires a higher awareness.

Ideally, find a quiet place away from distractions, but this can be done anywhere and at anytime.  Quiet relaxing music could be played in the background if desired.  Sit in a chair or sit on the floor with you legs crossed.  Hands can be placed on your thighs in a relaxed manner...or you may place both palms together (prayer fashion) or simply fold your hands and place them comfortabley on your lap.


Next, pay particular attention to your posture.  Hold your back and neck straight (avoid slouching).  The posture should be comfortable, but not so comfortable that you might drift off to sleep.  This posture is used to enhance our ability to concentrate and increase awareness of our breathing.

Breath Meditation will be more effective if your stomach is empty.  It is recommended that you wait 11/2 to 2 hours following a meal prior to practicing breath meditation, but can be done anytime. 

Clear your mind of distractions, and daily concerns.  Breathe slowly through your nose & imagine air filling your lungs from the bottom up.  This will require a concerted effort to lower the diaphram as far as possible.  Continue the slow breath until you have filled your lungs with air from the bottom to the top.  When you are unable to take in any more air, raise your rib cage and take in just a little more...feel your lungs completely expanded (up past your collar bones).

Now let the air out as slowly as you took it in...letting air out from the top on down to the bottom.  When you are unable to exhale any further, push the diaphram and abdominals to force out any residual air.

Now begin the process over and continue for as long as desired, realizing that quality is more important that quantity.  As little as 1 to 2 breaths can bring the desired effects. 

Happy Breathing...Breathe in Awareness

- Shane Nielson, Qi-Gong and Meditation Expert

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