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Quantum Physics and You

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Light Movies

This movie about Creating Your Own Reality was created by my friend, Christopher Westra. In his words, it "tells you how to work with essences of reality, and not absences.  Manifest the life of your dreams with spiritual pre-creation." It's one of my favorities.

Movies for Chakra Meditations

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at this short little movie I put together for, on Strengthening the the First Chakra, and the degree and safety and security we feel while we are here on Earth. More on the others are forthcoming.

NEW! Service Movie--Johnny

You are the Light of the World

NEW! Movie on Inner Guidance

NEW! The Divinity Movie

NEW! The Shift

The Dash

Tap of the Morning by Brad Yates:


This is just a small sample of what Brad has to offer. Check his website for more amazing information.

And his ever-popular Money Beyond Belief program he created with Joe Vitale.

Freedom Lifestyle

I created this movie with Christopher Westra. I love the imagery--it reminds me of what I want to create!

Emotional Transformation

This movies talks about the 8 steps to help us move through our emotions comfortably, and how to change our painful emotions into joy. Enjoy this movie on Emotional Transformation now.

More to Come..

And of course, I have a movie I'm working on that I made for this site, but it's not quite finished. I'll let you know when it's up and running.

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