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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Do you have a question about Creating Consciously? Feel free to visit our support desk and send me your questions. Those that I feel will be of great benefit to our readers will be posted here for all to ponder and learn from.

Below you will find many of the questions readers have sent to me, and their answers, to the best of my interpretation. Feel free to share your insights with me. We all have the ability to discern truth, and as we gather it up and share our knowledge with each other, truth grows--and we grow in understanding and ability.


If the Mind is the Source of all Creating, Can One Remove Illness from the Body with the Power of the Mind?

Yes.  In fact, Deepak Chopra has written extensively about this very thing.  But let me explain to you why this works.  I'll have to draw on the concepts from Reiki and Quantum Touch for this, but basically, it's about the energy field of the body.  When we relax, we let the energy flow through us gently, without blockages.  Much of our healing occurs at night as we sleep--when we let the energy flow through us.  Energy that is flowing is at a higher vibration.  Whenever there is disease or injury, the energy isn't flowing well. 
You can actually control this flow of energy.  Take a moment and think about your hands.  Imagine a light, tingly feeling in your palms and fingers.  Imagine a warmth, an energy.  After a few seconds, you'll notice you can actually FEEL this as well--depending on how sensitive you are to energy.  With Reiki or Quantum Touch, the practioner often utilizes a special breathing technique that increases the vibration of his energy.  With hands near or on another person, the practioner can "entrain" the lower vibration energy of the patient to the practitioner's higher one, and thereby facilitate the healing process.  See my Energy Work page for a video about this--it's really quite fascinating.
On your own, you can also work to get this energy flowing by taking time to relax and meditate--and by meditate, I essentially mean, quieting your mind, quieting the chatter.  You can lie on your bed, warm and relaxed, and imagine healing energy entering in to your body through your feet.  You'll probably notice sensation in your feet when you do this.  Energy follows thought--and we can direct energy with our thoughts.  I know, it all sounds pretty amazing--I was very amazed when I first began to experience it.  Continue to relax, and imagine the energy moving up into your knees, legs, stomach--all the way to the top of your head.  Breathe it in with each breath.  When I do this, I almost always use a CD like Powernap or Holosync to help me relax.  These CDs help the energy to flow anyway, because they help you be in a relaxed, alpha state in your mind.
Also, a lot of health issues and diseases are rooted in emotional issues.  Take some time to ask to know the cause, ask what you could help resolve in your life.  Sometimes ill health is simply your body getting your attention.
I recently had a friend send me information about this book that may be helpful to you.
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How do we "ask"?

We are asking for things all of the time by the thoughts we hold in our minds repeatedly. Each time you imagine in your mind a scenario and feel either the feelings of happiness and anticipation, or stress and anxiety (depending on your scenario)-- you are asking. And those feelings you are feeling tell you whether or not you are going to enjoy what you are asking for. =)

The problem is often that we have too many scenarios or conflicting scenarios going on in our minds, that we lose track of what we are asking.

There is a famous book called "The Power of Focus" that has done extremely well in the self-help market. Isn't it interesting that its essential message--to focus your thoughts on what you want--is exactly the message of Creating Consciously. Below is a quote from the Report, 12 Ways to Consciously Create the Life You Want. The new book, Everyday Manifesting, goes into much greater detail about the creative process.

Creating consciously is actually a very simple process. What we think about grows. When we create consciously, we are careful to harness our thoughts, and teach ourselves to think about the things we do want to experience in our lives. Through introspection, we examine our desires, learn why we are desiring them. In the quiet of our mind, we step into the desired scenario, as if it were real. We imagine and examine each emotion we are wanting to feel, as intensely as we can experience it. And then we bask in the joy of knowing we will receive our desire. This knowing, joyful state is where our desire is answered and received. As we receive our desire, we move on to the next conscious creation. And thus we create the world around us as one that is constantly becoming better-upward and onward to improve life for all.

Can we pray for others? Or does this violate their free will?

As for your question about praying for others. Absolutely! In fact, I would highly recommend praying for others. One of the most effective ways to help people is to think good thoughts about them, see them becoming what you'd like them to be.

We do live in a universe of Free Will--your prayers will never FORCE anyone to do or be anything. I see our prayers as a GIFT. The person you have in mind always has the choice to accept that gift or not--and there is certainly no harm in offering it.

I believe this is the kind of gift God and the Universe are always giving to us--seeing us succeeding, seeing us as happy, actualized beings. But the choice remains ours whether to recognize the divinity within ourselves--or to reject it. It is simply a gift.

We actually give these gifts of intention to each other all the time. Consider your thoughts and expectations of others. Consider your children--are you imagining them growing up as joyful, wondrous beings? Our thoughts are so powerful--keep one-pointed thought about improvements you'd like to see in others as well. It will never force them to be this way, and it likely will make it easier to see the wonder within themselves.

With my own children, I find they behave so much better when I choose to see them that way, when I choose to be patient as they learn. It feels good to have someone think well of you. Even as adults, we still love to be appreciated. The truth is that we are incredibly valuable and important--it feels good because it rings true with our being.

I don't understand the holistic mind, can you explain it? What is Karma? How can I stop experiencing a miserable life?

You ask some very good questions and I'll do my best to answer you.  You mention Karma, and to me, Karma is the Universe sending back to us what we put out.  For instance, if we tend to not appreciate people, it's likely we will experience not being appreciated ourselves.  Karma is just another aspect of the way the universe works, and to me, the holistic mind is another topic entirely.
The holistic mind means that both sides of the brain are working in harmony, for our benefit.  Depending on which side of the globe you live--and for this discussion I'm going to assume it's the western side--you likely grew up thinking in a very left-brained way.  Left brain is analytical, figuring, looking at only one piece at a time, needing hard, tangible evidence.  All of these are good qualities, but if we focus on them exclusively, it's likely we're going to feel some frustration, as you've described.  Left brain is the asking.
The Right brain, however, tends to feel first, and see things in a holistic way--focused on the bigger picture.  The right brain deals with things the left brain doesn't know how to explain--intuition, inner knowing, feeling peaceful when the situation may seem otherwise.  The right brain is the receiving.  The right brain is trusting.
When looking at your life in a holistic way, your left brain may say, "I hate the way things are and I don't see how it will ever change."  As you develop the right brain, it will say, "But the future is always subject to change--these things that bother me are simply illusions teaching me to know what it is I DO want."  As you learn to use your right brain further, you will unlock its creative power--especially the power to imagine in your mind what you would like your life to be like, and to actually FEEL they way you will feel when it has come to pass.
A good exercise is to make a list of the things you want to experience in your life.  If they don't come easily, then make a list of all the things that are bothering you, and on the other side of each one, write its opposite.  For instance--"I am broke"--don't want that--what I want is "I am wealthy."  Then practice with your list, just a few minutes a day, imaging what it would FEEL like to be wealthy.  What would you do?  Where would you go?  How would your life be different?  Just for those few minutes, disregard everything in your life presently that would contradict this new feeling you are creating.  Practice with it--find the child in you that used to love to daydream, and go with it. 
THIS is the way we ask.  We feel what we want to feel, and we know our wishes will be honored.  If you are feeling miserable--that's only attractly more misery.  Learn to disregard it.  It may be true that things in your life have been miserable, but nothing says it has to stay that way. 

Let your right brain be more active.  Pay attention to hunches and new ideas.  THEY WILL COME!  Trust yourself, trust that you can create the life you desire, if only you start FEELing it.


I would like to know if I can use your techniques to reach a person I have not heard from in 35 years. I had almost forgotten this person but a few weeks ago he popped into my mind ever so clearly.  I actually thought he was dead and came to vist me.  I can see him, hear him and even feel him.  To me that is an indication that he to is thinking of me. I do not know how to find this person so I placed and ad in two newspapers in his hometown. It is my hope that he or a friend of his will see it and he will respond.  I also completely believe that he would welcome my hello. So, how would you suggest I proceed with my mental image?


Yes, you can certainly connect with your mind here.  Basically, you are asking for help from God (or whatever you choose to call your higher power) and wanting to know something that Universal Consciousness knows.  Your subconscious mind is always connected with this knowledge.  The trick is to let your Conscious mind connect as well.
First, get very neutral about it.  If you have a lot of energy that says, I HAVE to find this person, that will block the flow.  Get to the point where you are just fascinated--wow--this person is on my mind, and soon I'll understand why--I don't know when or where, but that's okay.  It's all part of learning.
Spend some time each day--just 5 min or so--visualizing this person in your mind.  See yourselves meeting happily, hugging (if appropriate) or whatever your ideal meeting would be.  Then release it.  Don't spend the rest of the day wondering about it.  Know your request is heard and in time will come about.
Likely when you are doing mundane things, like the dishes or driving, your subconscious will share info with you--perhaps you'll get another idea on how to reach him or his family.
The main thing is to ask, and then be relaxed about it.  KNOW that you are heard, and be at peace with the timeline the Universe sees fit.


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