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What is Creating Consciously?

Creating Consciously...I love the name. Coming into the awareness that this is what we have been doing all along, creating the life we experience by what we chose to think, feel, and perceive. What a joyful moment it was for me when I realized I AM in control--life wasn't just happening to me.

Creating Consciously is recognizing our power as a creator. Rather than living with the fear and anxiety of a random world, we are consciously creating the life we choose, and learn to live and grow in joy.

Creating Consciously is understanding that our thoughts and emotions are powerful--indeed, they have the power to create our life experiences. When you are creating consciously, you are aware that you are always choosing what and where to give your focus and energy, and that whatever you focus this energy upon--will grow. This awareness is about being joyful, being able to create what you desire. It's about understanding why you are here on earth anyway, and discovering your divine self. It is about learning to Create Consciously.

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