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Increase Your Consciousness

Release your unconscious creations

Would you like to be more conscious about the way you are living your life? Did you know that much of what you think and feel is a result of your ability to create unconsciously? Consciousness takes, well...being conscious about the thoughts we choose!

Have you ever wondered, "If I'm creating unconsciously now, how I can I change what I'm creating? What if I don't know I'm doing it?"

This sample chapter from the book Everyday Manifesting--Finding Joy Through Creating Consciously is one of my favorites. It answers these questions about creating consciously and shows you a few simple ways you can learn to release your unconscious creations, and focus on creating the things you want out of life. Make consciousness a way of life!

Remember, we are living in a conscious universe. We are acquiring knowledge and information faster than ever before. There's never been a better time to learn about working with universal laws and consciously creating the life you desire. Please, accept this free chapter as my gift to you, and start creating your life consciously--today!

Download Instructions:

Releasing Your Unconscious Creations

Windows Users: "Right Click" on the link above and use the 'Save Target As' feature on the pop up menu to download the chapter. (See sample images below). Some browers say "Save Link As"--this does the same thing. Please pay attention to where your computer is saving the chapter--your desktop is a good place).


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