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The Freak-out Factor...

Hi there,

So I'm just sitting here today thinking about the Freak-Out Factor.

What's that, you say?  Well, just how much can you believe?

Here's a small example.  April is not a very common name.  Apryl is especially not a common name.  A while back I asked the Universe-- "Just let me notice you watching over me more in my life.  I know you
are doing it--just let me see it more."

So since that time, I see a movie with one of the stars name April. Very unusual.  And I've been wanting to lose a little weight, and even looked into Nutri-system--so my eye always catches the Nutri-system ads.  They always have a cute lady on them saying how much she has lost.  The one I got today said, "April lost 30 pounds." 

This is significant for me, because they occurred soon after my request-- and these things with the name April rarely, RARELY ever happen.

So to me it's just, "Okay, okay, thanks, I know you are watching--and you are pretty funny as well!" 

But what if the names in both of these instances had been spelled A-P-R-Y-L as well?  That might have taken me to the Freak-Out factor-- where something is so plain before us, but the mind is still saying, "That can't be"--yet there it is. 

Probably--PROBABLY--I could have handled it.  I've seen many manifestations though I'd never say they become commonplace.  Always am I very touched.

But this Freak-Out Factor intrigues me.  How much can God and the Universe enter our lives without us feeling like we are freaking out?

How much would you accept, and how much would you dismiss through disbelief?  I think a whole lot more of us would be having divine experiences...if we could just handle it.  I don't think God or the Universe or angels (or whatever fits your belief system) want to upset us.

How much can you handle?  Where is your Freak-Out Factor?

I like this affirmation:

"I am experiencing amazing things--and it's okay.  I am seeing God in my life in HUGE ways--and it feels great!  I know the Universe cares about me--I see it in my life everyday--and I am comfortable!"

I've felt all along this journey that a huge key in us opening up to a more miraculous life--is simply us expanding our beliefs in what is possible.

Is your Freak-Out Factor standing in your way?  Something to think about.  =)

Sending Love and Light,


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