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About Apryl Jensen and Creating Consciously

Apryl Jensen is the author of the book, Everyday ManifestingFinding Joy through Creating Consciously.  Apryl holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and has been trained in several forms of energy work: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Quantum Touch, and most recently, Rapid Eye Technology (RET).   She is the mother of 5 incredibly active and wonderful children, and wife to the amazing writer, speaker, and lecturer, Randy Jensen, of A Place of Healing.  Apryl maintains the website and newsletter, CreatingConsciously.com, writes articles, loves graphic design and creating websites.  She is an avid student of Quantum Physics and understanding the laws of the universe.  She also loves to sculpt faeries and art dolls in her free-time, and is a self-taught (well, Universe-taught) artist.  Her artwork can be seen at www.aprylian.com as well as the newly developed educational site, MakingFairies.com


Read about how I got started...

It was definitely the resources! It's hard to pick just one story to express how learning to consciously create has affected my life—when it’s more accurate to say my entire life is becoming a manifestation of dreams I held dear to my heart all of my life.  I always had the feeling that there was more joy to be had, that life was significant, and that we were miraculous beings. 

Ghalil’s work with Professional Dreamer helped me to understand the process of bringing my dreams to life, from the unmanifested intentions of the heart to concrete reality.  I guess what has affected me the most is the simplicity Ghalil presents in her six steps—she taught me that manifesting is simple, and that refining the process is only a matter of following each step.  I have learned to use the process of manifestation in all areas of my life—with relationships, obtaining material items, and in creating fun life experiences.  I’ve created a blog at my website, CreatingConsciously.com detailing many of the manifestations I’ve experienced.  Professional Dreaming is about creating a life that flows with the Universe, and life becomes one big manifestation—as indeed, it has been all along.

Everyday Manifesting and Beyond focuses on learning to create our lives consciously and how the entire process serves to reinforce our ability to create.  As manifesting becomes a daily part of our lives, we embark on a marvelous journey into the wonder of ourselves.  As amazing, creative beings, what do we choose to create of our own lives?  Of the world around us? Together, we’ll examine the process, the expansion spiral, and the possibilities!

In the news...

I was recently invited to participate in the week long event, Professional Dreamer week. What did I have to say? You can read all about it in this booklet:

As promised, I put together my information from my seminar at Professional Dreamer Week into a colorful, image-rich, 27 page PDF booklet, just for you!

You can download yours below, by simply right-clicking on the images below and saving to your computer. I have made this book available in two resolutions. If you have DSL, I would suggest the high-resolution version. I love visual effects and crisp pictures. The low resolution is pretty good--and is great for dial-up and slower connections.

Thanks again for your support and for gathering with us for Professional Dreamer week to celebrate Creating Consciously!

everyday manifesting and beyond everyday manifesting and beyond
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To download, simply right click on either image above. You will see a pop-up like the one to the left. Simply select "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" on some browsers) and save the file to your computer--the desktop is a good place. Then, go to your desktop and being reading.

Centerpointe Synchronization

Centerpointe has some great cd's that help to calm your mind down and get it into the creation mode. They have a free sample CD that is excellent to listen to. Just follow the link below to have yours on it's way.


Apryl Jensen

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